Amrican Poet By R. Cary

50K Words of Enduring Truth

Amrican Poet By R. Cary

Amrican Poet By R. Cary


  • Ravaging Pain

    Insanity arose in my existence, thwarted attempts at healing, belief in recompose dwindling in failed efforts of pleading faith as delusions of identity of heaven & hell

  • Fractures

    I walk into the claws of hell flaunting my written disgust of humanity and flames burning is my soul with inept peace denied scolding I am, with hate of inner demise

  • Darkside

    Welcome to my Darkside, my insidious rage lurking in your corners of hate feeding off your frenzy of pain seething to breed within transgressions to ravage your will

  • Blonde Beast

    As I walk in the river of the damned my fangs will tear your evil sewn to your soul leaving you unseamed spilling your rotted guts for the hyenas of hell to feed

  • Endurance

    Living in lighted design, monotony swaying a breeze no longer my passions laying rested dormanting fervor's guise beneath, a subdued heart never to be tamed

  • Golden Lion

    Gnawing integrity brittle to my bones;  rawness and disgust eating my senses into a person disintegrating to exist; I plead for faith, tear for hope, beg for grace

  • Art of Self

    Tear your blackened path of resistance and sculpture your new self into existence, an adversary now defeated your life as before has never existed, as an artist arises

  • Infinity

    Craving my passions to never surrender delivering in time the externality of my soul bleeding through crevices seen to breath my lucidity startling my ambitions

  • Human As Art

    Today I conquered fears of uncertainty reveled in distorted conceptions of thought drowning my consciousness to rise from the waters of this human life

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