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Amrican Poet

Amrican Poet By R. Cary Amazon 5 X 8 Paperback Print Book

Amrican Poet By R. Cary Amazon 5 X 8 Paperback Print Book

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Amrican Poet brings you into the world of R. Cary through 50,000 words of relentless pressure on your reality. Just as you believe the beating and pulsating of your existence will cease, you will find yourself deeper into questions of self and reality.

Amrican Poet is an epic journey of the mind blending lyric poetry with contemporary poetry giving you a journey that will take you from the pits of ravaging pain to the purpose of knowing ourselves as human works of art. This book of American Poetry will challenge you every step of the way, leaving you unable to put this nine poem, one journey story down. The enjambment, the rhythm, the author's unique iambic sound to prose style structuring of reflection using syntax and diction you will clearly hear, as the author's voice is spoke relentlessly verse after verse. Dante, Milton, the tradition of English Lyric poetry combines with a contemporary American form of writing that has not been heard before.

Amrican Poet Features: Ravaging Pain, Fractures, Darkside, Blonde Beast, Endurance, Golden Lion, Art of Self, Infinity, Human As Art.

Start your journey. It is yours to take.

Amazon Paperback 5 X 8 takes about 3 weeks for delivery. Shipping from Amrican Poet for print books is limited to the U.S.

ISBN: 979-8825610795

Amazon Paperback is great, easy to read book. Pages are flexible and turn with ease. Great for those quick readers, those that read in bed, or hold the book up while reading. 

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Amrican Poet By R. Cary

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