Unknown Figures By R. Cary

Unknown Figures

By R. Cary

Unknown figures haunt within me

Scathing my skin as scolded sins

Rupturing into blisters of defeat

My life a living corpse of human puss

Rotting and decaying as all 

Human life is; within me unknown

Figures haunt me, as my skin scolds

If I can only find them, if only I could

Dig a little deeper, if my nails were

A little bit longer, I could find the

Unknown figures inside me,

Maybe my skin would heal, my

Oozing forehead would bleed no 

More, my eyes would still exist;

Deeper I dig, now scraping my bones

My fingertips gone, bone on bone 

If I only dig deeper, I will reach

The unknown figures inside me,

I will not disappear, becoming

The unknown figure that haunts me


Unknown Figures

By R. Cary

Copyright 2022

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