This Lion's Wife By R. Cary

This Lion's Wife

By R. Cary

Roaring her pride holding certainty of conviction as her mighty armor,

Her grace soothing as all stare at This Lion’s Wife, a flowing purposeful

Integrity holding determination inspiring collectiveness with the mane of

Her gaze; upon this field the courage of this Lion breezes as a swaying

Momentum of belief, a togetherness of strength enticing this pride to arise

Beyond this field; these mountains surrounding, our paths enclosing,

Narrowing, as our openness becomes subdued to this journey; this path,

Only her vision to see, only one way thru, but all will follow, with integrity

Worn as our protection, This Lion’s Wife, a muse for us all, the pride of us all


This Lion's Wife

By R. Cary

Copyright 2022

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