I Pray'd I Pray'd By R. Cary

I Pray'd I Pray'd

By R. Cary

I pray’d and I pray'd

All he said was

'You shall not yield'

As I tear my tissue

From my body

Seeking for more

Screaming for...

I pray'd and I pray'd

But I will not yield!

He then said 'strength'

So I searched and I searched

For the hammer of strength

Pounding myself with pain

I pray'd and I pray'd

But now I have strength

Stabbing at my heart

I heard the word 'courage'

So I searched for a brave heart

And sought destruction

And he said, with force

'Blind faith is the test of your heart'

I stopped destroying

And sought to test my faith

In the blackness of night

As I slept from the darkness

He said 'only in good can you see'

So I opened my soul

To no longer tear into my body

No longer to destroy through 

Strength, but loving myself;

I pray'd once more, once more

And it was quiet, but softly

I heard, 'the rest is up to you'

So I told myself the rest is me

With courage and strength and

A mighty brave heart, the rest is me


I Pray'd I Pray'd

By R. Cary

Copyright 2022

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