Atlas of Nothingness By R. Cary

Atlas of Nothingness

By R. Cary

This atlas of nothingness, my burden to wear bearing

My weight of this world concaving the strength of my soul;

Excessiveness, this loss, widening this void extolling

Pressure depleting my consciousness into derangement,

Futility, hopelessness wiping the stars to darkened night;

Gone, deceased, leaving atonement no hope; becoming

Unlit, deeper this void widens, the darkness rising, suffocating,

To die of lack of air, an inability to breath; my chest breathless,

My eternity swallowing the void from within, eternally,

Nothing existing beneath my fate, only this nothingness

Swallowing the whole of my void, the atlas of my life,

The void of our lives, weighing upon, the defined courage to

Live until our burdens heighten into depths we can no longer bear


Atlas of Nothingness

By R. Cary

Copyright 2022

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